Accelerated Treatment

AcceleDent Aura

The AcceleDent Aura™ System is designed to increase the rate of tooth movement and may reduce treatment time up to 50% when used with Invisalign or a conventional fixed orthodontic appliance.

The AcceleDent Aura™ System is light, comfortable, hands-free and can be used 20 minutes per day while engaged in variety of daily activities. Patients have reported use while reading, watching television, listening to music and doing school work.

Patient Benefits

Accelerated tooth movement without compromised aesthetics
Compatible with all types of braces and Invisalign for both adults and teens
Lightweight for comfort and use during daily activities
Hands-free design allows you to go about your daily activities during the 20 minute treatment.

How Does AcceleDent Aura™ Work?

The appliance, used daily for 20 minutes, applies patented technology to gently vibrate the teeth and surrounding bone. In a controlled clinical trial, the vibrations have proven to accelerate tooth movement by 38%-50%. The rate of tooth movement greatly depends on the speed at which the bone surrounding the teeth changes. Studies have shown that orthodontic force coupled with micovibrations, generated by the AcceleDent Aura™ System, safely accelerate tooth movement.

AcceleDent Aura™ is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device. It has been demonstrated to be safe and reliable in U.S. clinical trials.  AcceleDent Aura™ is well tolerated and may has shown to decrease the level of discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.


The PROPEL System is an accelerated orthodontic treatment offered at Affiliated Orthodontics to reduce the time it takes to achieve the results you want.

  • PROPEL is used in conjunction with your regular orthodontic treatment whether it be Invisalign, metal braces, or any other appliance. The PROPEL treatment is performed at your regularly scheduled appointment and only takes minutes to complete!
  • PROPEL does NOT involve painful surgery or require you to use appliances at home.
  • PROPEL stimulates the bone in which your teeth are set, causing it to remodel faster. As the bone dynamics respond to the stimulation, teeth move faster. The result can be a reduction in the time you spend in orthodontics by 60% or more.

Our process is patient-focused, creating ways for you to receive the most efficient and effective care available today in orthodontics.

Talk to Dr. Willet and Dr. Harre about how the latest orthodontic procedures can be used to accelerate your treatment time. Contact us for a free consultation today.