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    Have you been throwing yourself a little bit of a pity party or find yourself hiding your smile because your teeth don’t look exactly how you want them to look? We’ve been there. And at Lincoln Orthodontics, we won’t ever judge you for that. It’s more common than you think! But, we do recommend inviting Invisalign to the party! Invisalign brings hopeful and bright energy that you’ll click with immediately. Plus – there’s not a snack that is off-limits for this party animal! It will cheer you up and be the type of friend that will leave a lasting impression on you. Want to learn more about how you can get in touch with this invisible lifesaver? Keep reading! 

    Who (Or What) is Invisalign?

    Meet Invisalign. This clear aligner is made of smooth, flexible plastic that won’t irritate the inside of your mouth. No wiring, no metal, no elastics, no bands! This companion doesn’t require much. The clear plastic appears as if there is almost nothing on your teeth while it works to improve your smile. They’re worn over the teeth and are designed to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. The aligners are removable, which means no food restrictions. Woohoo! Dr. Willett has successfully treated over a 1000 people with Invisalign and she has the experience and expertise you’re looking for. 

    Benefits of Being Buddies with Invisalign:

    • Discreet and Aesthetic: Invisalign is the best at keeping your secrets. These clear aligners are virtually invisible when worn. Discretion is key for this loyal friend! Not to mention, Invisalign is aesthetically pleasing and a very smooth talker.
    • Comfortable and Convenient: When you meet, it’ll feel like you have known them for years. They’re easy to feel comfortable around because they are custom-made just for you. And when you need time apart – you are allowed to take some space (briefly if you want to stay on track). Invisalign aligners are removable, which gives you the freedom to eat, drink, brush, and floss without feeling restricted.
    • Effective and Efficient: Invisalign is an extremely credible source with a proven track record of successful friendships (outcomes). You’ll switch to fresh aligners every 1-2 weeks. You’ll always get 100% effort from this companion. Saving you time and effort is the goal for Invisalign – which means fewer visits to the orthodontist! (Disappointing for us at Lincoln Orthodontics, but less inconvenience for you!)
    • Flexible and Fast: Because Invisalign knows you have a busy schedule, it will not only save you time and effort by spending less time at Lincoln Orthodontics, but it will also work quickly to help you achieve your smile goals. Invisalign treatment duration averages 12 to 15 months, although this may vary depending on the complexity of your case. But overall, with this trusted confidant by your side, you’ll be fully supported and achieve things you didn’t know were possible in such a short time frame. Enjoy your life during and after Invisalign treatment!
    • Custom-Made: Invisalign will tailor to your unique needs and preferences. Dr. Willett will create a customized treatment plan based on your specific teeth and smile needs and your desired outcomes. Your progress will be closely monitored, with adjustments that can be made as needed to ensure the best possible results for you. Invisalign (and Lincoln Orthodontics) will always have your back and make sure that your treatment progress is right on track. If you’re looking for a very personalized approach, Invisalign is it.
    • Confidence Boosting and Honest: It’s necessary to have friends who hype you up and boost your confidence. Invisalign will do just that. You can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, with results that are noticeable even before completing treatment. And the benefits go beyond physical advantages! By getting treatment for misaligned teeth, you’ll reduce crevices that are difficult to clean. These crevices can cause plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. When you invest and trust in Invisalign, you’re not only improving your looks, but also taking a proactive approach to your long-term oral health. Be proud of your smile and your oral health. Think about reaching out to Lincoln Orthodontics to meet your new best friend, Invisalign.

    The Only Price You’ll Pay

    There is no catch! At Lincoln Orthodontics, we’ll always be straight up with you about the cost for treatment. We’ll do our very best to provide you with quality care and treatment while working with you and your budget. For this reason, we offer our treatments, including Invisalign, at the same price as braces. The cost difference for treatment is therefore dependent on the complexity of treatment rather than what is used to get the job done. We want our patients to choose their treatment based on their personal aesthetic and functional goals and not have to decide based on the cost of the materials themselves. The price you’ll pay for Invisalign will be worth the confidence you’ll gain in the end!

    How to Get in Touch

    If you want more information – reach out to us at Lincoln Orthodontics and we’ll make sure you guys get it touch. Call (402) 489-8841 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Willett

    We’ll be straight with you and make sure you know all the options, so you can make the best decision for your orthodontic treatment and the best results. 

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