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Retainer Options

    Custom Retainers

    After braces or alignment treatment, the next step in your journey is typically a retainer. At Lincoln Orthodontics we customize our retainers to fit you and your treatment plan for the future. We offer multiple options, that we will go over with you during your appointment and decide together which option is the right fit. We recommend all patients have a removable and a glued in retainer.

    Removable Retainers

    A retainer is a long term orthodontic appliance that is custom molded and designed to fit each individual patient’s mouth and teeth to maintain what was corrected.Removable retainers come in different styles, but they are an important part of your orthodontic journey. We want you to love your smile for life and retainers are the way to ensure that. The old-school thought was that we could ditch retainers after a few years, but that hasn’t been proven true and it is now recommended to continue retainer wear as long as you want straight teeth. Dr. Willett will customize your regimen for retainer wear, often decreasing in frequency as the years go by. Retainers are needed immediately after orthodontic treatment because the bone around the teeth is adjusting and healing to the new tooth positions. Retainers are needed after that healing phase because the mouth is still changing even late in life.

    A removable retainer is made at Lincoln Orthodontics by taking a digital scan or digital impression of your teeth in order to 3D print a model. The model is provided to you with your retainers so you have an easy way to replace retainers if they show signs of wear like cracking or thinning or if you misplace them.

    Bonded | Glued-in Retainers

    These are the best things in orthodontics! After you’ve invested time and resources, you want to make sure that your teeth continue to look as good as the day you were done with braces or Invisalign aligners! Bonded retainers, often called “permanent retainers”, are glued to the backside of the front teeth to prevent spacing, crowding, or rotations. The name permanent retainer isn’t very accurate, however, because the glue can get worn down with eating, friction, and time, so they will need some maintenance like repaired glue, rebonded portions, or replacement. These wires are durable and with careful attention, they are designed to last for years. It does make your flossing routine a little more complex, but the team at Lincoln Orthodontics will take the time to teach and show you how to care for it.

    Custom Mouthguards

    Custom Mouthguards Protect Those Pearly Whites

    Lincoln Orthodontics also offers high-quality customized mouthguards. Our mouthguards are made from a high-grade silicone designed for extra cushion and comfort. Although these mouth-guards tend to feel bigger in the mouth, they work hard to keep your teeth safe and will begin to feel more comfortable with time.

    Our mouthguards can protect patients in many scenarios such as:

    Sports or physical activity
    Grinding teeth during sleep
    Anyone with braces needing protection during activity
    Work-related activities

    If you are in need of a mouthguard, schedule an appointment with us. You can also call us at 402-489-8841 to schedule.

    Retainer Repairs

    We Can Fix It

    As much as we wish retainers were perfect, we know that complications arise. This is why our team is trained to help repair any damage to your retainer.

    For our patients, we evaluate retainers during check-in appointments following the completion of braces treatment. During these check-ins, we make sure everything looks secure so that your smile stays in its perfect position to maintain that smile!

    If you are new to town or away from your original orthodontist but need retainer repair or adjustments, we would love to welcome you to our family! Schedule an appointment with our team here at Lincoln Orthodontics no matter where in your smile journey you may be.

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    If you are in need of a mouthguard, schedule an appointment with us.

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    The Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

    • Protect your braces from breaking during play
    • Protect your mouth from your braces
    Lincoln Ortho Testimonial Erin After

    Dr. Willett and her staff are kind and professional. I would recommend Lincoln Orthodontics to my friends and family!

    Erin S.
    Testimonial Lincoln Orthodontics

    Dr. Willett and her staff were extremely enjoyable and responsive to any questions or concerns. At two different points we voiced concerns about our daughter’s profile and alignment. Promptly the concerns were addressed to our complete satisfaction.

    Mindy B.

    Dr. Willett did such an amazing job on these 30 year old teeth. The entire staff at Lincoln Orthodontics is so friendly and accommodating. If I had more teeth I’d bring them here to get straightened out.

    Matthew C.

    Cost Information

    For our retainer and mouthguard options, costs may vary. However, we still believe in the importance of making orthodontic care affordable and personalized for each patient. Check out our financing page to see more details on insurance and payment options offered here at Lincoln Orthodontics and reach out to our financial coordinator, Becky for specific questions.

    Easy Financing

    Retainers FAQ

    Yes, We can fix it! We understand that complications arise with retainers and we love welcoming anyone into our office. Just schedule an appointment and we would love to chat and take a look at your retainer to see how we can help you!

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    Yes, We can help you! We understand that complications arise with retainers and we love welcoming anyone into our office. Just schedule an appointment and we would love to chat and take a look at your retainer.

    Contact Us

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