Barb K.

I am very pleased with my treatment and the results. So nice to no longer have the bad headaches and nice to have straight teeth. Everyone at this office is awesome. I would highly recommend Lincoln Orthodontics to my family and friends. Best Ortho office in Lincoln!!

Marcia H.

Everyone was friendly and kind to our kids. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Loved the movie theme. Very fun the way you do the final visit when braces come off.

Katie R.

Your office is always welcoming. Enjoyed being able to get to know staff on a personal level. You guys are the best!

Irene M.

Your whole office has been wonderful. Jordan always looks forward to her appointments. Thank you so much!

De Stewart

It was always such a nice experience coming to your office. Great staff! Great atmosphere! Everyone here is wonderful!

Ryan C.

Both the doctor and the assistants are always welcoming and friendly.

Chris F.

The tickets for the kids to purchase things and the celebration walk when the braces come off are great!

Kris A.

Helping all patients understand the more compliant they are with treatment, the sooner the braces come off, really worked for us.

Don H.

The doctor and her staff make you feel good about the process during treatment.  I am really pleased with the result.  I liked the environment and the professionalism.  Everyone was happy, smiling and welcoming.  I recommend Lincoln Orthodontics to anyone considering orthodontic treatment.

Melanie H.

We will never forget the “Tunnel Walk” music on the last day!  So awesome!

Virginia U.

This office is great! All the staff is very knowledgeable and everything ran very efficiently.

Cathy W.

We loved the movie theme office.  Haley loved getting the tickets and enjoyed her visits.

Maureen C.

Great office with happy and caring staff.

Amy A.

Staff was always friendly and helpful.  Thank you for a great experience!

Stephanie J.

We loved the celebration when braces came off!

Rachelle F.

I loved the staff's and the doctor's enthusiasm about Allie’s progress every time we came.

Janana K.

Friendly front desk receptionists, creative office theme, enjoyed the quizes and prizes.

Peg S.

From the time I checked in, to when I left, everyone made me feel welcomed and special the whole time.  The doctor is very particular and wants your teeth to be perfect when you are finished.  I loved the patient reward tickets.  Everyone is fabulous!

Kurt and Molly M.

Very fun and relaxing environment!

Courtney W.

I liked the tickets and prizes.  The receptionists were friendly and knew my name.  I love my new smile!

Michele C.

Everyone, from the receptionists through to the clinical staff and the doctor, was helpful and so very nice.  Loved the tunnel walk music when braces came off.

Logan E.

Loved the atmosphere.  Tunnel walk music was great. Keep up the awesome work!

Theresa S.

The staff was amazing! My daughter had a tremendous amount of fear prior to her initial appointment.  After meeting the doctor and staff she couldn’t wait for her beautiful smile.

Casey C.

We have now gone through two boys having braces with your office.  The assistant who helped remove my son’s braces recently was nothing short of amazing!  She did such a great job giving him direction and helping him concentrate.  She was so patient and kind.  You’ve got yourself a good assistant!  Also, love the ladies up front!  Thank you for everything!

Stacey S.

Growing up I was always self-conscious about my smile and teeth.  Having my picture taken was nothing short of a nightmare because of how self-conscious I was about my teeth.  Having braces when I was a kid wasn’t something that was an option or even advised by our family dentist.  My twin sister decided to get her smile worked on after seeing makeover shows that showed how a new smile can really change someone’s appearance and levels of self-confidence.  She went to Lincoln Orthodontics rather than doing other procedures and was more than ecstatic with the results.  I followed her lead, after much apprehension and anxiety thinking I was “too old” to be putting braces in my mouth.  The staff here was gracious and accommodating and instilled the belief that this was the right thing to do.  The doctor is genuine, kind and makes you feel fantastic when you are in the chair. I couldn’t be happier with the results and have more confidence than I did before.  You are never too old to do something great for yourself and having a great smile is worth it!