Emergency Braces Care

True orthodontic emergencies are rare, but do occur. In the event of an emergency (meaning there is pain), call our office number (402) 489-8841. Follow the prompts for our after hours emergency line. We are here for you!

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How to Know if it is an Emergency?


If there is tooth trauma or bleeding, it is recommended that you contact your general dentist to make sure there isn’t an issue they need to address first.

Below, find situations that may require immediate attention from Dr. Willett:


This is rare, but if it were to happen, it can be alarming. If the appliance can no longer be seen, has fully been swallowed, or you are unable to safely remove it, call Dr. Willett for her recommended next steps.

Also rare, but we want to help! You can first try to calmly release the tissues using a clean finger or a Q-tip. If that doesn’t work, contact us and we’ll get it resolved.


A lot of non-emergent problems can be solved from home.

What To Do on Your Own:

Pull ligature back into place using a sterile tweezer, or simply remove and make an appointment for a replacement!

Tying a small knot in your dental floss can help to remove food caught between teeth.

Eat soft foods and try rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.

Apply small amounts of topical anesthetic directly to sores with a cotton swab.

Use a Q-tip to push wire flat against the tooth or cover with relief wax before making an appointment with us to have this repaired!

Although these situations may be uncomfortable, they do not require immediate attention. If you experience one of the things above, call us at Lincoln Orthodontics and we will find a time to help you fix any discomfort or small situations that may have arised. Braces are not always perfect, but your smile sure will be!

Retainer Repairs

If your retainer is broken or needs repair, call and schedule an appointment with us. Our team will do our best to quickly fix any broken areas or replace the retainer to get you back on track!

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Still Need Help?

Call us at (402) 489-8841 , or submit an inquiry for any further questions or issues you may have with your orthodontic treatment. Our team can help you find a solution whether it can be fixed from home or may require a trip to our office.

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For an orthodontic emergencies (meaning there is pain), call our office at (402) 489-8841. Follow the prompts to our after hours care line. We are here for you and will make sure you get the care you need, or walk you through steps you can take first on your own. 

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