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  • A Transparent Transformation with Clear, Ceramic Braces

    Clear Ceramic Braces

    Are you looking for a discreet, yet effective orthodontic solution to achieve your dream smile? Do you want the results of braces without the high visibility? We have the perfect solution for you. Let us introduce you to a braces (with brackets) option that isn’t made of metal: they are clear ceramic braces.

    What are Clear, Ceramic Braces?

    Great question! Ceramic braces (also known as clear braces or tooth-colored braces) are designed to be less noticeable on your teeth than metal braces. They aren’t completely invisible, but are tooth-colored so they blend in seamlessly with your natural smile! These chameleon-like braces are known for their low profile, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. With all of that, plus smooth, rounded edges and a lightweight feel, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

    You can rest easy knowing that clear braces are made to avoid discoloration and will not stain. Ceramic braces are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to staining. The ties used to attach the wires to your braces can undergo color changes, but we’ll change them as often as needed and at least at every appointment. With proper care and brushing – clear ceramic braces can maintain their transparency and durability, ensuring you have a successful, stain-free treatment journey.

    Metal Braces vs. Ceramic Braces: What’s the Difference?

    Metal braces are known for their years of proven success in straightening teeth and aligning jaws. And ceramic braces should be right up there with them! Both types of braces are equally effective in terms of treatment. They use the same size and shape of brackets. So what is the difference?

    • Metal braces are often applauded for their durability. When they take a hit, the metal brackets will fall right off the tooth. Clear, ceramic braces are strong too, but they are made from a different, more fragile material. This means that when they get hit, they can fracture and splinter, in addition to falling off the tooth.
    • Both metal and ceramic braces can cause some discomfort initially as your mouth adjusts to the foreign objects. Metal and ceramic braces will require your lips and cheeks to adapt and within a week, most patients no longer report mouth sores.

    What isn’t Different: The Cost

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, clear, ceramic braces materials cost the same as metal braces. We don’t want your decision to be made based on finances. You deserve to have the orthodontic treatment that’s best for your smile goals and what works for your lifestyle! With that being said, your treatment cost will vary depending on the complexity of your issues. No mouth is the same, so your cost will look different than someone else’s cost. It’s not your fault you’re unique!

    To remedy this, we offer flexible payment plans, automatic bank drafts, and we will even check with your insurance company for orthodontic benefits. We want to provide you with outstanding care for a reasonable price. We’ll work together to find ways to accommodate your budget, we promise!

    Best Candidates for Clear Braces

    Clear, ceramic braces are an excellent choice for adults and esthetics-minded teens. It can be more difficult to see plaque accumulation, so we shy away from recommending them to young kids who don’t have excellent brushing. We want our patients to be excited about their treatment and that includes the way their appliances look, so we’ll review all of your choices to help you find the best fit. In your orthodontic consultation with Dr. Willett, we’ll have a thorough discussion to determine what treatment you need and what’s the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

    Want to See if You’re a Good Fit?

    Clear, ceramic braces are an appealing alternative to traditional metal braces – and we love them for it! They truly combine effective orthodontic treatment with a more discreet appearance, making them a very popular choice. If ceramic braces are calling your name, visit Dr. Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics. You can schedule a free consultation. Remember, regardless of the braces you choose, the end goal remains the same: achieving a straight, healthy smile that you can be proud of!

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