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  • How To Stay in the Game with Braces: Your Questions Answered with a Mouthguard

    Our experts at Lincoln Orthodontics know how much orthodontic patients in Lincoln, Nebraska care about sports and we get lots of questions about braces, Invisalign and sports. Rest assured that our goal, aside from creating a smile you will love, is to keep patients off the sidelines and loving their sport, even with braces! Your questions are answered with a mouthguard. Mouthguards keep patients’ teeth protected and braces safe, through high and low impact sports. With a mouthguard we can offer you the best oral protection for any sport, at any time, so you can perform to the best of your ability. Still not sure? Let’s answer some questions.

    Can I Play Sports with Braces?

    Many people think they cannot play sports with braces. This common belief is false! Patients have concerns about being sidelined for the season from orthodontic injuries, or even fears about complications with treatments, but at Lincoln Orthodontics we have options to crush those fears. Orthodontic mouthguards are free with your orthodontic treatment and designed to keep you in the game, while protecting that smile during its transformation.

    Why Do I Need a Mouthguard to Play Sports with Braces?

    When participating in low and high contact sports, athletes are far more likely to suffer harm to their teeth and mouth when not wearing a mouthguard. When going through treatment from braces, these injuries can be more painful and happen more frequently. Wearing a mouthguard with braces, can prevent these injuries and protect those pearly whites, while doing what you love.

    Why Lincoln Orthodontics for Braces Mouthguards?

    Dr. Emily Willett provides quality, orthodontic mouthguards that offer more benefits than regular store-bought mouthguards.

    • Regular mouthguards are made of thermoplastic and are designed to fit too snuggly around your teeth or brackets of braces. This tight fit can cause your brackets to shift or fall off completely.
    • Lincoln Orthodontic mouthguards are made from a high-grade silicone designed for extra cushion and comfort, making them the ultimate package deal for teeth with braces.
    • Regular mouthguards also have a tendency to inhibit the evolution of your teeth during the braces period.
    • Lincoln Orthodontic mouthguards tend to feel slightly bigger in the mouth, but they are keeping your teeth safe and will feel comfortable with practice.

    What if I Can’t Afford a Personalized Orthodontic Mouthguard?

    Lincoln Orthodontics can recommend top-performing over-the-counter brands of mouthguards that resemble the quality of the personalized options and will meet the basic needs of athletes.

    • Shock Doctor – Made of 100% medical grade silicone, Shock Doctor mouthguards produce protection and comfort, while allowing the adjustments of your teeth during your treatment. Shock Doctor is affordably priced in both strapped and unstrapped styles.
    • Opro – This over-the-counter mouthguard is a lightweight and universal option for athletes specifically going through braces treatment. The unique thing about Opro is that it contains a lip guard, which helps protect from lip biting during the sport. This lip guard does not hinder your speech during performance allowing you to speak clearly and as loud as you like.
    • Sisu – The newest addition to Lincoln Orthodontics’ over-the-counter collection is the Sisu mouthguard. This diverse style has a distinct function of allowing better airflow while being worn during physical activity. The mold allows for adjustments and position changes during treatments. Because of this flexibility, a mouthguard is a great option for athletes with and without braces.

    Brace Yourself with a Mouthguard for Sports and Win

    Having braces as an athlete can add some extra steps to your routine, but here at Lincoln Orthodontics, we want to make it as simple as possible. The options we provide for our patients allow them to decide what works for them, while being comfortable at the same time. Having braces should never get in the way of life and what you enjoy. Let us take care of your teeth so you can take care of your sport.

    In the event of an emergency with your mouth or braces, check out the link to read more about our emergency care options and action steps to take on your own.

    If you are in search of the best mouthguard protection for your braces in Lincoln, Nebraska visit Dr. Willett of Lincoln Orthodontics at 6825 S 27th Street, Ste 202 Lincoln, NE 68512. Call (402) 489-8841 to schedule a free consultation or make an appointment. We will be straight with you and make sure you know all the options to get the right fit, so you can get back to the sports you love.

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