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  • Dr. Willett Braces her Patients for Orthodontic Success with Braces

    Orthodontic Success with Braces

    Lincoln Orthodontics is the place of choice in Lincoln, Nebraska for an excellent patient experience when it comes to braces and overall orthodontic care. They’re straight with you and they love to make you smile. Honest.

    Patient: Will it hurt, Dr. Willett? 

    Dr. Willett: Will what hurt? 

    Patient: Braces or rubber bands?

    Dr. Willett: Yes, braces can cause some discomfort, but we are here to ease the discomfort and make you smile along the way. We offer great options, straight talk, and real results. 

    Why choose Dr. Willett for braces?

    Dr. Willett is a board-certified orthodontist, who believes that everyone deserves to have a confident and beautiful smile and who wants to make sure you enjoy the process. Now, that is something to smile about! Cultivating new relationships with patients and families through her practice is one of her favorite parts about her job! So how does she do it? Well, Dr. Willett prides herself using the latest technologies related to braces and orthodontic care. She has extensive training in the use of 3D x rays, self-ligating brackets, clear aligners, temporary anchorage devices, sleep-related breathing disorders and airway management – to name a few. For orthodontic treatment, the answer is always Dr. Willett. Plus, she tells great jokes and she really cares. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the ins and outs of braces and makes it her goal to communicate every important detail along the way. For parents, that gives you peace of mind that your child is being cared-for as one of her own!

    How do braces work?

    One of the most common and well-known ways to straighten teeth is through the use of metal braces.

    • Metal braces use brackets, that are glued onto your teeth, to create train tracks almost, for a wire to go through. 
    • Once all the brackets are placed onto your teeth, a wire is run through them connecting all the brackets on the top or bottom of your mouth.
    • The wire is then secured to the brackets with an elastic band or very thin wire (You even get to choose the color!). 
    • Depending on the situation, you may need bite correction for the best and longest-lasting results. We use elastic rubber bands that are attached between your upper and lower jaw to help correct any bite issues.
    • Throughout treatment, these braces are always applying pressure to specific points in your teeth, and over time – in the safest way for your teeth and gums very slowly – moves your teeth to the desired position. 

    How long will braces treatment last?

    This is different for everyone, but the average treatment time for metal braces is around 18 to 22 months. Metal braces are also nice because you start to see results fairly quickly.

    Why should I use metal braces instead of newer technology? 

    We recommend the orthodontic treatment that is best for each patient, and everyone is different. If metal braces are the route you choose, then we can assure you they are not what you’d think: they’re not your mom’s braces of the past.

    • Metal braces today are much more sleek and comfortable thanks to advances in technology made by orthodontists! 
    • New sleeker brackets and lighter wires make the braces much less conspicuous and more comfortable to wear. 
    • Another perk: they’re customizable! Whether it’s the colors of your favorite sport team, or to match your dress at the school dance, you get to decide exactly what color your braces are and express yourself through your braces! 
    • Metal braces continue to be one of the most cost efficient options for orthodontic care. 
    • They don’t require as much of the complex technologies that invisalign or Inbrace require, but can achieve the same results!

    Are there other options for braces?

    Of course! A commonly used alternative for metal braces is clear braces or ceramic braces. Ceramic braces (tooth-colored braces) work in the same way that metal braces do, however instead of having a metal bracket, the bracket is made from a strong, nearly-invisible ceramic. They are not fully invisible, but the color and size of the brackets is much less noticeable than the traditional metal braces and they blend in with the color of your teeth. They don’t stain or discolor and remain a discrete option for kids and adults. 

    Why choose ceramic braces? 

    Ceramic braces are a great option if you are an esthetic-minded adult or teenager, who doesn’t want the responsibility of wear time and possible issues with the tray systems like Invisalign. They can achieve the same results as metal braces and function in the same way. You can customize their appearance with color ties, too!   

    What are the differences between metal braces and ceramic braces?

    We want you as the patient to choose the way of treatment that works best for you! Metal braces are extremely durable so they are great for very active patients and are useful for all orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces are also tough, but made from a slightly more fragile material, so trauma from sports or other activities are more likely to break the bracket off of your tooth. Ceramic brackets are excellent for all top teeth treatment and can be used on bottom teeth if your overbite is not too significant!

    Anything else? 

    You may be worried about braces staining your teeth or your braces staining – but don’t! We go over and keep a very close eye on your oral hygiene habits to make sure your teeth don’t discolor. The ceramic brackets will not discolor because the material is nonporous and cannot be stained – hooray! The glue around the brackets, however, and clear elastic ties, can stain occasionally. However, we change your elastics at every appointment so it’s not too common of an issue. If you would like to avoid staining, avoid foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, dark chocolate, and mustard. If you notice discoloration on your ties, just call us and we’re happy to change them!

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, we take the time to show you the various treatment options like braces or Invisalign aligners or InBrace and teach you about them and their advantages. We want our patients to feel confident they are receiving the best and most personalized orthodontic care. Our team cares about the process and the results you get and we hope you’ll choose us for your child, teen, or yourself.
    If you think you may need braces or aligners or a retainer in Lincoln, Nebraska and you are looking for the best, visit Dr. Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics at 6825 S 27th Street, Ste 202 Lincoln, NE 68512. Call (402) 489-8841 to schedule a free consult. We’ll be straight with you and make sure you know all the options, so you can make the best decision for your orthodontic treatment and the best results.

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