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  • The Benefits of Choosing a Board-certified Orthodontist

    The Benefits of a Board Certified Orthodontist

    Patients care about the quality of care they are receiving – and that quality comes from education, experience, and innovation. That’s why Lincoln Orthodontics and our amazing Dr. Emily Willett, a board-certified Orthodontist, is the right choice for your orthodontic care in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Why Should I see a Board-certified Orthodontist?

    We all see the online and TV advertisements about straightening our teeth from home and some of us opt to skip orthodontic care all together, but we are compelled to remind people that orthodontic care is a medical treatment used to fix various conditions to provide a healthy and straight smile.

    To become a board-certified Orthodontist, a dentist receives an additional two to three years of specialized training from an accredited orthodontic residency. During their residency, orthodontists-in-training learn how to identify and treat malalignment of the teeth and jaws to ensure a healthy bite.

    Why Choose Board-certified Orthodontist Dr. Emily Willett?

    In addition to being a board-certified Orthodontist, Dr. Willett takes her practice to the next level and continues to embrace educational opportunities and innovation in the industry by offering products like InBrace technology and Lightforce Braces.

    In fact, Dr. Willett is the only Orthodontist in the Lincoln, Nebraska area with the ability to provide this amazing InBrace, behind-the-teeth-braces, technology. She is the only Orthodontist in the entire state of Nebraska to begin using LightForce Braces. Lightforce is a new technology that was created as a clear braces option. It is stronger and less visible than ceramic braces.

    Find the best options for braces treatments and orthodontic success when you choose Lincoln Orthodontics.

    Services to Expect from Board-certified Orthodontists

    Dr. Willett and our team provide a number of services to help our patients get the smiles they deserve. These services include:

    • Metal Braces – our most popular form of braces treatment
    • Ceramic Braces – for patients looking for an aesthetic, invisible look
    • InBrace – new technology that straightens teeth from behind, without covering them
    • Invisalign – an invisible and convenient tray-treatment option
    • Retainers – customized retainers, glued-in retainers, removable retainers, and mouth guards
    • Before Braces – staying on top of your child’s teeth before they need treatment
    • Emergency Braces Care – keeping your braces and smiles safe when accidents happen

    Can I Afford to see a Board-certified Orthodontist?

    When it comes to straightening your teeth, you want a physician who is experienced in orthodontic care. Don’t waste money on an at-home teeth-straightening program because when it doesn’t work, you will likely end up going to a board-certified orthodontist to help you anyway. Save yourself time and money and start with the experts. We look forward to providing you with the most modern and complete orthodontic care available in a comfortable and patient-centered environment.

    Orthodontic treatment is an investment in yourself and we work hard to make sure we have easy and flexible financing options for all of our patients.

    For Patients without Insurance

    Our hope is that with our flexible payment options you and your family can still get the quality orthodontic care you deserve. Here are some of the convenient ways non-insurance patients can pay:

    • No-interest, easy financing with affordable monthly payments
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover accepted
    • Automatic monthly payments scheduled for your convenience
    • Third-party financing through Care Credit

    For Patients with Insurance

    Lincoln Orthodontics is happy to communicate on your behalf with your orthodontic insurance company to:

    • Check orthodontic insurance benefits
    • Submit orthodontic claims*
    • Receive payment directly from the insurance company, thereby reducing the amount you pay upfront

    *NOTE: We only submit to primary insurance. However, we will provide you with the documents you need to submit to a secondary insurance carrier.

    Come in for a Free Consultation

    It all starts with a free consultation, and no obligations. Before any payments on treatment are made, our financial team will talk with you and go over any questions that may arise. We’d love to meet you. Our goal is to provide you with excellent care and help make it affordable for you and your family!

    If you are in need of orthodontic care and are looking for a board-certified Orthodontist in Lincoln, Nebraska, call Dr. Emily Willett at (402) 489-8841 to schedule your free consultation.

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