InBrace® lingual braces are a convenient new treatment that improves your smile without covering up your teeth! The InBrace treatment uses a Smartwire® which is applied by Dr. Emily Willett to the back of your teeth, so the entire process is truly hidden. Even though InBrace is invisible to the rest of the world, you’ll start seeing visible results in just weeks! Another unique fact about InBrace is that Lincoln Orthodontics is the only place in the city where InBrace is currently offered.

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How does InBrace work?

Get your Toothprint.

Dr. Willett will scan your mouth to create an InBrace lingual braces Toothprint and a 3D image of the inside of your mouth. She then uses these scans to personalize your Smartwire for your specific needs.


It’s All About the Design.

The Lincoln Orthodontics team will work to design your ideal smile by programming your smartwire with Gentleforce® technology to move teeth into their correct position in a gentle manner.


Find the Right Fit.

Dr. Willett will then fit your Smartwire to the back of your teeth allowing you to fully InBrace this hidden smile treatment. Get ready to enjoy your quick smile adjustments without covering up your pearly whites!


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What does InBrace treat?

InBrace treats all sorts of smile issues from simple to complex.

  • Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Overlapping
  • Bite discrepancies


  • Invisible to Everyone Else
  • Visible Results in Weeks
  • Brush and Floss Normally
  • Fewer Trips to our Office
  • Hidden and Convenient
  • Skip the Teenage Metal Stage
  • Ideal for Sports and Mouthguards
  • Eat Normally
  • Kiss Approved!
Lincoln Ortho Testimonial Erin After

Dr. Willett and her staff are kind and professional. I would recommend Lincoln Orthodontics to my friends and family!

Erin S.
Testimonial Lincoln Orthodontics

Dr. Willett and her staff were extremely enjoyable and responsive to any questions or concerns. At two different points we voiced concerns about our daughter’s profile and alignment. Promptly the concerns were addressed to our complete satisfaction.

Mindy B.

Dr. Willett did such an amazing job on these 30 year old teeth. The entire staff at Lincoln Orthodontics is so friendly and accommodating. If I had more teeth I’d bring them here to get straightened out.

Matthew C.

Technology | Materials

The Smartwire– Designed, programmed and personalized to your ideal smile.

Gentleforce Technology– Gently and efficiently moves your teeth into place based on your provider’s treatment plan.

Autopilot Treatment– No monthly tightenings or tray changes required. Visit every 8-10 weeks to make sure everything is on track.

Better Oral Hygiene– Brush and floss normally while treatment keeps working.

Cost Information

Cost for InBrace will vary depending on your individual treatment plan. Check out our financial page to learn more about payment options for your orthodontic treatment!

Easy Financing


YES! InBrace does everything traditional braces can do without the hassle. Talk to Dr. Willett to see if they are the right choice for you.

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No. Normal treatment length for InBrace patients ranges from 6-18 months while treatment length for patients with traditional braces can range from 18-22 months.

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The InBrace treatment uses a Smartwire® which is applied by Dr. Emily Willett to the back of your teeth, so the entire process is truly hidden. This option is great for patients who don’t want anything covering their teeth, but still want the benefits of a new and stunning smile.

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One special fact about Lincoln Orthodontics is that it is the only office in the city of Lincoln that offers InBrace treatment. Dr. Willett’s training allows her to create customized Smartwire for each specific patient.

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