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    Retainer Benefits

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, we value the smiles of our patients and hope that they love the transformations made by our treatments. The best way to ensure long term happiness and satisfaction with the work done is with the use of retainers after correction treatment. Learn about the retainer benefits and why they are important to wear.

    What is a Retainer?

    A Retainer is a device used for post-orthodontic treatment to keep teeth in their corrected positions for years to come. Once correction treatment is complete, it takes some time for your teeth and gums to settle into their new position. Wearing a retainer helps them stay in place during this adjustment period. They are made to “retain” your new beautiful smile.

    Options for Retainers

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, we customize our retainers to fit you and your treatment plan for the future. We offer multiple options, and our team will gladly go over them with you to decide which option is the best fit. Our two options for retainers include a customized removable retainer and a customized glued-in retainer.

    Removable retainers come in different styles, but they are an important part of your orthodontic journey. Our goal is to help you love your smile, and retainers are the way to ensure that. Retainers work best if worn for life because they help eliminate teeth from shifting. Dr. Emily Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics will customize your regimen for retainer wear, often decreasing in frequency as the years go by. The mouth is always changing, even in the later years of life. If you want a continued straight smile, wearing a retainer will be your best option.

    We take digital impressions of your teeth in order to print 3D models. The model is provided to you with your retainers so you have an easy way to replace retainers if they show signs of wear, like cracking, thinning or if you misplace them.

    Bonded retainers, or “permanent retainers” are glued to the backside of the teeth to prevent spacing, crowding, or rotations. The term permanent retainer isn’t very accurate because the glue can get worn down with eating, friction, and time. Bonded Retainers will need some maintenance like repaired glue or replacement. These wires are durable and with careful attention, they are designed to last for years. Bonded Retainers make flossing a little more complex, but the team at Lincoln Orthodontics will make sure you are taught the best system for flossing around the retainer.

    Retainers Can Have Dual Purpose

    A great benefit for some removable retainers is that they double as bleaching trays and can motivate you to continue to wear them! If you have the clear plastic retainers, you can get bleaching gel from Lincoln Orthodontics or from your dental office. Dr. Willett will oversee your whitening as needed.

    Retainer Repairs for All of Lincoln

    Even though retainers are supposed to last years, they aren’t perfect. It is common for wires, glue, or removable trays to crack, chip, or break. Our team is highly trained to help repair any damage to your retainer and get you back to flashing that beautiful smile.

    For our patients, we evaluate retainers during check-in appointments following the completion of braces treatment. During these check-ins, we make sure everything looks secure so that your smile stays in its perfect position to maintain that smile!

    For those of you in need of retainer repairs who are new to Lincoln, we would love to welcome you to our family. Our talented team is prepared to work with you and any previous treatment you have had, to get you the help you need.

    If you are in need of a customized retainer or retainer repairs in Lincoln, Nebraska, and you are looking for the best, visit Dr. Emily Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics at 6825 S 27th Street, Ste 202 Lincoln, NE 68512. Call (402) 489-8841 to schedule. There are many retainer benefits. We’ll be straight with you and make sure you know all the options, so you can make the best decision for your orthodontic treatment and continued beautiful smile.

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