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    We give our patients the best care during their corrective orthodontic treatment at Lincoln Orthodontics. We offer multiple options to give our patients in Lincoln, Nebraska, what is best for them and their beautiful teeth for the long term.

    From metal braces to InBrace technology, we’re sure to have a treatment that will make you smile. We also know that orthodontic needs are as unique as our patients and we want to make sure that our care is catered specifically to each person who walks through our doors. Some people do not realize how many options we have and the differences between them, so we’re here to help.

    Metal Braces

    Our most well-known option for corrective orthodontic treatment is through the use of metal braces. Metal braces are generally made up of brackets, wire, glue, and elastic ties.

    • Before applying the brackets, Dr. Emily Willett and our team will collect photos and X-rays of your mouth. Once this step is completed we will review the scans to create your customized treatment plan. This will include how each individual tooth needs to be moved and positioned in your mouth for a beautiful smile.
    • Once your treatment plan is decided and you have worked with Dr. Willett and understand your plan going forward, she will begin placing brackets on your teeth. The placement of those brackets will be different for each person’s teeth, as some brackets will need to be tilted and some may need to be turned.
    • After brackets have been attached, Dr. Emily Willett will insert the wire. Bends in the wire will provide different types of pressure on different teeth. A bend in the wire is how most orthodontists create exact and precise movements of the teeth. As soon as the wire has been placed and the glue is set, you will have a choice of color for elastic ties that will go around each bracket holding everything in place.

    Thanks to modern developments in treatment, metal braces are less awkward and more comfortable than ever. Sleeker brackets and lighter wires improve the appearance and feel of these braces. This means you will have less irritation in your mouth.

    Clear Braces

    Clear braces are also known as ceramic braces. The ceramic brackets are a less obvious way to straighten your smile when paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and elastic ties. This option is especially attractive if you are an adult or teen who is concerned about the aesthetics of braces.

    Ceramic braces are perfect if you want an aesthetic treatment option but don’t want the extra hassle of removable aligners and the responsibility of wear time with clear aligner systems like Invisalign®. The process for ceramic braces is almost identical to metal braces.

    After a thorough orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Willett, she can determine what treatment you need, and discuss which options will be best for you and your smile.

    We think ceramic braces are generally better suited to adults and older teens. This is because ceramic brackets can break more easily than metal brackets in some situations. A free consultation will determine if this is a good option for you.


    Invisalign® gives similar results to braces, except there is no wires or braces needed. The main benefit of this treatment option is the outcomes without the appearance of going through treatment. The plastic aligners appears as if there is nothing on your teeth while it works to improve your smile. Invisalign aligners are removable, making them convenient to take out while eating and you simply rinse your mouth or brush your teeth afterwards.

    The process of Invisalign is slightly different from normal braces treatment:

    • First, we’ll take photos and X-rays to create a 3-D image of your mouth with our iTero digital impression.
    • Then, Dr. Willett will customize the individual tooth movements, staging, and outcomes to achieve your treatment goals.
    • Lastly, you begin the process of straightening your teeth with the aligners that were custom designed and fabricated for your unique needs.

    You will wear a series of custom-fitted aligners throughout your treatment process until your teeth are positioned as predicted and promises in your treatment plan. Keep in mind that Invisalign may not be recommended for some complex alignment or bite issues, particularly in surgical orthodontics. . However, as always, Dr. Willett will advise you about what options are best for you and make sure you get the results you want.

    InBrace Lingual Braces

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, Dr. Willett is the first to introduce InBrace Lingual Braces to Lincoln, Nebraska. InBrace® is a convenient new treatment that improves your smile without anyone being able to tell because the entire braces system is on the backside of your teeth. Once Dr. Willett gets scans of your teeth with our state-of-the-art digital intraoral scanners, InBrace’s advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms determine the most efficient way to achieve the tooth positions prescribed by Dr Willett through a custom “smartwire”. The wire is invisible during treatment, but the results are obvious when you are done and you will want to share them with the world.

    Advantages of InBrace include:

    • Invisible during treatment
    • See visible results in just weeks
    • Brush and floss normally throughout treatment
    • More convenient & fewer trips to the orthodontist than traditional braces

    Cost of these Corrective Treatment Options

    There’s no straightforward answer to this before a free consultation because each patient’s orthodontic needs are different. When we are determining the cost of treatment, some of the things we consider are:

    • The extent of the orthodontic issues that need correcting
    • Complexity of the issues and expected timeframe for treatment
    • How long treatment will be needed
    • Treatment goals
    • If the patient has dental insurance, whether it covers orthodontics, and filing assistance
    • Coordination between our office and your dentist’s office or other specialists for special or complex cases
    • Patients with unique braces-related bite correction appliances needed (ie, Forsus, Herbst, or similar lab-fabricated products)

    What doesn’t matter when given the cost estimate:

    • The type of braces – we want you to love your smile while wearing braces and we want you to choose the treatment option that will fit your needs and lifestyle best without worrying about cost.

    We make it our goal to help our patients find financial solutions that meet their needs, as much as possible. We will always make sure you are aware of all costs with no hidden fees and that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

    What are you waiting for?

    If you think you may need braces or corrective orthodontic treatment in Lincoln, Nebraska and you are looking for a top orthodontist, choose Dr. Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics at 6825 S 27th Street, Ste 202 Lincoln, NE 68512. Call (402) 489-8841 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll be straight with you and make sure you know all the options, so you can make the best decision for you or your family.

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