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  • Are InBrace® Lingual Braces Right for You?

    Are InBrace Lingual Braces Right for You

    Our job at Lincoln Orthodontics is helping patients of all ages in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding areas get the smile they truly deserve. We strive to give our patients a fun experience while receiving the best care possible and with all the options modern orthodontics offers.

    There are many different routes to take for your orthodontic treatment. We offer our patients metal braces, Invisalign®, clear braces, and InBrace® Lingual Braces. Knowing which of these paths will be best for you can be a difficult task. This is where Dr. Emily Willett and the Lincoln Orthodontic team step in. We set goals and make suggestions for which treatment we think will be best for you.

    What is InBrace®
    InBrace® is a new alternative method for orthodontic care that straightens your smile without it being visible to others. And Dr. Willett is the only orthodontist in Lincoln, NE to offer InBrace®! It uses a Smartwire® device that is set on the back of your teeth, which is why no one will see it – unless you decide to show it off! What they will see, though, is a rapid improvement in how your teeth and smile look, while avoiding the look of plastic or metal braces and wires.

    Unique features of InBrace®
    InBrace® has four unique features that set it apart from traditional braces, clear braces, and Invisalign®.

    • InBrace®:
    • Uses the Smartwire® which is personalized to each individual
    • Moves teeth with GentleForce™ technology which gently sets teeth into place based on the treatment plan created
    • Works on autopilot so you wont need to visit for new trays or tightenings, just a visit every two months to check progress
    • Allows for better oral care since you can brush and floss as you normally would while continuing your treatment

    How does InBrace® work
    First, we create a 3D image of your mouth which gives us your InBrace® Toothprint™. This is used to for Dr. Willett to personalize your Smartwire®, creating the results you want to see. InBrace® programs your Smartwire® with GentleForce™ technology to carefully and gently straighten your teeth. The fully customized Smartwire® is placed in the specialized brackets on the backside of your teeth. Next, sit back and watch as your smile is transformed without a trace.

    What makes InBrace® different?
    The days of hiding behind a mouth full of metal brackets or plastic trays is over. Less trips will be made to the orthodontist, making the process simpler and more convenient for you. Overall, results can be easier and quicker to see than other treatments.

    Thinking about InBrace®?

    • Here are a few more things to consider when it comes to Inbrace®:
    • “InBrace” your smile sooner. You are the first thing people see, not your braces.
    • Stay safe. InBrace® is compatible with mouthguards and offers improved safety in sports.
    • Enjoy all the things. Continue having your morning coffee or wine with dinner without fear of staining or having to immediately brush to replace your aligners.
    • Relax. No constant removal and replacing of trays.

    If you live in Lincoln, Nebraska or the surrounding area and you think Inbrace® is something for you, visit Dr. Emily Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics at 6825 S 27th Street, Ste 202 Lincoln, NE 68512. Call 402-489-8841 to schedule a free consultation. Dr. Willett will take her time to review all of your treatment options and will carefully discuss the benefits orthodontic treatment can provide for you!

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