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  • Orthodontic Treatment On The Heels of COVID-19

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s no doubt that our lives have started to look a little different. As we’ve dealt with widespread business closures, stay-at-home orders, and more, we’ve all had to adjust. While we’ve been able to stay connected through virtual visits and consultations during these uncertain times, there’s something special about partaking on the journey to a healthier smile together. Now that the CDC, American Dental Association, and the Nebraska Dental Association have announced that orthodontic offices can reopen with significant modifications the week of May 4th. Following the guidelines they’ve set forth, we’re prepared to welcome our patients back with open arms and a shield-adorned face! Orthodontic treatment on the heels of COVID-19 might look a little different, but we’re here to make sure it’s a stress-free experience. 

    While businesses are beginning to reopen, it will still be necessary to maintain some of the new habits we’ve developed during our time of social distancing. In order to keep with guidelines put in place by our country’s health authorities, we’ve made some changes around our office. Our top priority is the health and safety of our patients, their families, and our team. To find out more about steps we’re taking to continue providing our patients with exceptional care, keep reading below!

    Changes we’ve made around the office

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, we’ve always upheld the highest standards of sterilization, cleanliness and disinfection protocols. As we reopen our office to accept patients, upholding the highest standard of disinfection and safety will continue to be our focus. However, we’ve also implemented some new features in our office to further our precautions and keep everyone healthy. One major change you’ll notice is our lobby. To encourage social distancing, we’ll be asking our patients to remain in their car until their appointment time and then proceed to our office wearing a mask or nose/mouth covering where your temperature will be taken at the entry. This will keep everyone safely distanced and prevent any unnecessary person-to-person contact. Prior to your appointment, you will be sent a screening questionnaire to complete to disclose any risk factors that may necessitate performing the appointment virtually if possible, or postponing if necessary. 

    Another big change is that we’ve closed our self-serve beverage station and our toothbrushing station. We want to be sure that our patients aren’t taking any unnecessary risks! Because of this, it will be very important to brush your teeth before your appointment. We will still be happy to provide you with a refreshment, but will instead, “take your order” and deliver your beverage of choice to you.

    Steps we’re taking to provide a safe environment

    As our office reopens, we want to continue to do everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Everyone who comes into our office will be required to wear a face and nose covering. Whether you have a face mask or a simple scarf or bandana, wearing a face covering over your mouth and nose will protect you and those around you. We’ll also be conducting health screenings for every patient we see. Prior to your arrival, we’ll provide you with a simple yes/no questionnaire regarding any potential COVID-19 symptoms. We’ll also check the temperature of everyone that enters the office. 

    In order to limit our person-to-person interaction, we’ll also be limiting how many people we have in the office at any given time. We have dramatically changed our schedule and will be only seeing a fraction of the patients compared to our pre-COVID schedule. When possible, only the patient who is undergoing orthodontic treatment will be allowed into the treatment area. Otherwise, patients will be limited to one parent or guardian to accompany them. During your appointment, you may choose to FaceTime or call your parents for a full report, or our team is happy to complete a follow up call if requested. We love getting to know our patients’ families and we’ll miss catching up with everyone face-to-face, but this is a necessary precaution for the health of our patients, their families, and our team. 

    We’re continuing to offer virtual visits and consultations

    While we’re SO excited about re-opening our office and seeing all of our patients again, we also understand that not everyone will be about to get out again so soon. Because of this, we’ll continue to offer our virtual visits and consultations. We want to continue to provide everyone with high quality orthodontic care, be it in our office or via virtual services

    Virtual visits and consultations are the perfect options for people who are ready to start orthodontic treatment, but aren’t quite ready to return to their daily routine or for a method to maintain continuity of care for our current patients. Additionally, patients who may be at higher risk for COVID-19, but are longing for a straight, healthy smile, virtual visits are convenient and easy-to-use. You can simply send in some photos of your smile, along with your personal information and any notes you may have regarding your smile goals, and Dr. Willett will review them. From there, we’ll create a treatment plan that fits your particular needs and can discuss in-depth over a video call. Once you feel comfortable coming into our office, we’ll proceed with your treatment accordingly!

    Lincoln Orthodontics is here for you

    Here at Lincoln Orthodontics, we understand that these are uncertain times for many. As our nation and our community has dealt with the challenges brought about by COVID-19, our patients have remained our top priority. Over the past weeks, we’ve been dedicated to doing our part to slow the spread of this disease while continuing to provide the excellent service we’re known for. 

    Through virtual visits and consultations, we’ve been able to remain connected to each and every one of our patients. Our patients have been able to keep their treatment not only on track, but more importantly, progressing! We’ve also had the privilege of meeting many new faces who have been able to take the first steps on their journey to a healthier, straighter smile. We’re proud to say we’ve taken every opportunity to uphold the standards our patients have come to know and love. 

    Get the smile you’ve always wanted with Lincoln Orthodontics

    Here at Lincoln Orthodontics, Dr. Willett and the team are dedicated to giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’ve been dealing with untreated orthodontic issues from childhood or are just seeking cosmetic improvement, we’ll give you the exceptional care you deserve, while prioritizing your health and safety. If you choose to schedule an appointment once our office reopens, you can rest assured that we’re taking every possible precaution to provide a safe environment for every patient. 

    If you’re ready to get started on your journey to the smile of your dreams, there’s no better time than now. Dr. Willett and the team at Lincoln Orthodontics are here for you! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and get ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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