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    Cost of Braces

    When it comes to braces, you’re probably already aware of the benefits: a perfect smile, improved oral health, better bite alignment, enhanced speech, lasting confidence, etc. But, we’ll cut to the chase and tell you what you really want to know.

    Straight Up: What is the Cost of Braces?

    We won’t sugarcoat it, braces are an investment. The cost often has the power to deter many people from seeking out orthodontic treatment. Rest assured, at Lincoln Orthodontics, we will always be upfront and transparent, from start to finish. You’ll be fully involved in the whole process –from the treatment process to the financial agreements. We hope that by being honest, you’ll recognize that you have financial options when it comes to getting braces – and that this purchase will benefit you for an entire lifetime.

    So, let’s get to it. The general range of cost for a child to get braces can be anywhere from $800 to $2,500 for a first phase of treatment. Comprehensive or phase 2 treatment for teens or adults ranges on average from $4500-6000, depending on the complexity of treatment. Adult treatment may be less expensive than assumed, depending on the goals determined by you, Dr. Willett, and your dentist. There are insurance discounts, family discounts, or pay-in-full discounts that may also apply.

    With both children and adults, the total cost will ultimately depend on your orthodontic needs. If your treatment is more complex or will take longer, this will increase the cost of your braces to a ceiling.

    What’s Included in the Cost of Braces?

    It’s important to know that at Lincoln Orthodontics, the cost of braces includes everything needed from the beginning of treatment to the end AND bonded and removable retainers and retainer checks. Here’s what the cost covers:

    • All appointments, including emergencies
    • Oral hygiene starter pack: two toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss threaders, floss, and timer
    • Braces + wires, colored ties, and elastics
    • First set of retainers after your treatment is completed – both bonded (inaccurately called permanent) and removable
    • Replacement retainers within the first year after treatment if needed and from normal wear and tear
    • 3D printed models of final tooth positions
    • All necessary records (3D X-ray, photos, tooth models, 3D models)
    • Planned post-treatment follow-up visits

    Our promise to you? NO SURPRISE COSTS!

    How Lincoln Orthodontics Determines the Cost of Braces:

    Every patient’s needs are different. No two mouths are the same, which means no two treatment plans are the same! You’re unique! You deserve a customized orthodontic treatment plan. Here are the factors we consider when determining the cost of your braces:

    • Orthodontic problems that need corrected
    • How long your braces will be on
    • Your main treatment goals
    • If you have dental insurance, and whether it covers orthodontics
    • Coordination between our office and your dentist’s office if necessary
    • If unique braces-related bite correction appliances are required (example: Forsus, Herbst, or similar lab-fabricated products)
    • Custom appliances that are essential for the best outcome (or your personal preference)

    A lot goes into the cost of your orthodontic treatment, and we’ll make sure you know every nitty-gritty detail! (Because you deserve that, and we’re just really glad you’re here.)

    Orthodontic Insurance vs. No Orthodontic Insurance

    Now to the less fun part: insurance. It’s a complicated subject, and an even tougher one to explain or understand, but we’ll do our best: orthodontic insurance is not a necessity to be able to afford orthodontic treatment, unlike what we all understand about medical insurance. Orthodontic insurance is basically a pre-purchased gift card with a generally maxed out amount of $1500-2000. Orthodontic insurance does not dictate what type of treatment appliances can be used; basically meaning you can apply your funds towards braces, Invisalign, or InBrace.

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, we offer easy and flexible payment and financing plans/options, regardless of if you’re insured or not. We don’t want you to go broke just because you want a smile you truly love. What we do want is for you to be able to stay within your budget so you can look forward to your new smile, without financial worry!

    For patients without insurance, we accept:

    • No interest, easy financing, with affordable monthly payments
    • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover payments
    • Automatic monthly payments scheduled for when works best for you
    • Third-party financing through Care Credit

    For patients with insurance, we are happy to communicate with your insurance company to:

    • Check what your orthodontic insurance benefits are
    • Submit orthodontic claims, if you have primary insurance. For secondary insurance carriers, we will provide you with all of the documents you need to submit to a secondary insurance carrier.
    • Receive payment directly from the insurance company – reducing the amount you pay upfront

    Braces, Braces, and, You Guessed It, More Braces!

    At Lincoln Orthodontics, we have no shortage of braces options (or orthodontic treatment options in general). You’re bound to find an option that you’ll feel comfortable in, and that will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

    Your Turn for Honesty: Will we see you soon?

    If you answered yes (woohoo!), you can schedule your free consultation with Dr. Willett at Lincoln Orthodontics by calling (402) 489-8841 or by heading to the free consultation tab on our website. We’ve been straight up with you so far, so you can count on us to include you in the entire process.

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